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Ben McLemore Youth Basketball Camp

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I'm Possible Summer Camp

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Hardwood Palace Summer Basketball Camp

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PGC Basketball - PGC Prep School

PGC Basketball
PGC Basketball at Hardwood PalaceFormerly known as Point Guard College, PGC Basketball teaches more than just good point-guard play. It's a basketball laboratory where every course teaches players of all positions to play smart basketball, to be coaches on the court, and to be leaders--both on and off the floor. PGC has been offering 5-day, 4-night summer courses for nearly 20 years and has a reputation for teaching smart basketball and effective leadership. Many top coaches consider PGC the best training in the industry--period.

  • PGC Prep School will be offered at Hardwood Palace July 6-9, 2015.
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3-Day Elite Guard Camp

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